• Familymatic provides a space on the web where you and your family members can come together and share your collection of photos & videos, and collectively create a lasting record about all the important events in your lives.


  • A basic free account is fully functional, with 1GB of disk space for sharing files and videos. Premium accounts with more storage space (and other perks) are available for a small monthly fee, outlined below:

Plan Name The Loft The Ranch The Estate
Storage 1GB 10GB 50GB
Price Free! $6 / month $12 / month
Members Unlimited! Unlimited! Unlimited!
Custom URL
Ad Free
4x6 Print Price $0.24 $0.21 $0.18
Local Backup


  • Share Your Stuff:

    Share your photos, videos, messages & comments, in a personal space just for your family. Our topic based pages collect all of your related content to a specific event.

  • Broadcast Your Stuff:

    RSS feeds can automatically broadcast updates about your site, so friends and family can easily keep track of new additions. Also, easily share your updates on popular social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter.

  • Privacy Control:

    Easily secure your website for more control over who browses your family's images. In privacy mode, your site can only be accessed by friends or family members who are logged in.

  • Custom Domain:

    Use your own domain name to truly personalize your website. I definately recommend using this feature to make it easy for other family members to find your site.

  • Unlimited Members:

    Allow any number of friends and family members to join your site, and add content with you.

  • Purchase Photos:

    Digital photos are great, but sometimes you want physical photographs; to post on the fridge, bring to the office, drop into a frame, etc. You can order digital prints of any photographs on your site.

  • No Advertisements:

    Ads are annoying, You shouldn't have to put up with them while browsing your own website! All familymatic websites are totally ad free.



  • Hi, I'm Shawn. Familymatic is a project I started to give families a fun, easy to use space on the web to get together and document their lives through messages, photos, and videos. If that sounds interesting, then please try out familymatic with a totally free basic account. Enjoy!